Mango is a Melee player from Norwalk, California and is famous for being able to play almost any character at a competitive level. He has found tournament success with Falco, Fox, Jigglypuff, Mario, Captain Falcon, Link, and Marth. Because of his innovations and dominance with Jigglypuff from 2007 to 2009, Mango, along with Hungrybox, is generally credited for Jigglypuff's large jump in the Melee tier list, from being tied with Captain Falcon at 6th/7th to 3rd in the subsequent list.

He first became noticed at EVO World 2007 when he was 15, defeating both Mew2King and Ken before falling to HugS in winners finals, then Ken in a rematch in loser's finals, finishing 3rd. He won his first national at Pound 3 at the age of 16, performing the first of his many historic losers bracket runs. This run included victories over Azen, ChuDat, PC Chris, and finally Mew2King in 2 grand finals sets. He cemented himself as the best Melee player after winning Revival of Melee in 2009 over Mew2King.

Between Pound 3 and Revival of Melee, Mango picked up Falco and was winning California tournaments with his Falco, showing that he wasn't winning because of Jigglypuff. At GENESIS, he met the European champion Armada in winners finals and was defeated using Falco. After a quick 3-0 of Hungrybox in losers finals, Mango switched to Puff and won both grand finals sets in one of the greatest grand finals in Melee history. This kicked off the Mango vs Armada rivalry that continues to this day, with Armada holding a lead.

EVO 2013

With the biggest Melee tournament at the time on the main stage of the biggest fighting game tournament, and Armada coming out of retirement, the winner of EVO would be the definitive best player in the world.

Mango cruised to winners semis of his day 2 pool, with only Axe putting up much of a fight. However, Wobbles defeated Mango 1-2, sending him to the losers bracket before top 8. After defeating SFAT 2-1 to make it to top 8, he would not drop another game until the second set of grand finals, defeating Ice, Dr. PeePee, Armada in a highly anticipated matchup, Hungrybox, and the man who put him in losers, Wobbles.

After EVO, he took a hiatus to care for his pregnant girlfriend and to move to Ohio, where he was ranked at the 0 position on the Northeastern Ohio Melee Power Rankings[2]. In his few tournament appearances between EVO and Apex, he mostly played Falcon and Marth