Hailing from Gainesville, Florida, Hungrybox quickly rose to become best Smasher in the State, perfecting his spacing and rest setups with Jigglypuff by practicing with his crew What Are the Odds. His first highly ranking performance was at GENESIS, where he placed third, defeating multiple top level players throughout the bracket. Hungrybox then won two of the next three majors he attended, defeating PPMD to take first at Revival of Melee 2, placing second to Mango at Pound 4, and defeating Armada to take first at Apex 2010. Hungrybox continues to be a consistently high ranking player, considered to be one of the Five Gods of the Melee competitive community. Throughout his entire career, Hungrybox has consistently mained Jigglypuff, and eventually added a "pocket" Falco to his character pool (although rarely used outside of local tournaments), and introduced both a Ness and Fox in order to battle Armada's Young Link Jigglypuff counterpick.

Hungrybox was ranked 1st on the 2017 version of SSBMRank, this was his first time achieving the number one spot on the rankings.